Amplification Day


There is some unconscionable bullshit going on right now.

Here's the timeline, as far as I can tell:

  • April: Charlottesville, VA city council votes to remove statue of Robert E. Lee from display and rename the surrounding park, formerly Lee Park, now Emancipation park.
  • A number of people were unhappy with this decision and filed a lawsuit.
  • May: A judge said the statue had to stay for six months, pending the result of the lawsuit, but the name change could go through.

Okay, but here's where things get really bananas. In case you haven't heard about any of this, the going to contain references to really awful examples of people thinking about other people as things. (Please note: that particular link leads to the context of the quote it references, not an example of same.)

All I'm saying is: be warned. Here there be humans.

  • Also May: Richard Spencer and some other disaffected white people protest in the park. Ostensibly, this is about the removal of the statue. They chant things like "Blood and soil," and "Russia is our friend."
  • June: The KKK holds a rally in Charlottesville, also ostensibly to protest the removal of the statue. In response, the First United Methodist Church is used by the Charlottesville Clergy Collective as a safe space for more than 600 people.
  • July: The KKK holds another rally in Charlottesville. Some attendees claim they'll be carrying loaded firearms. They're met with and outnumbered by counterprotesters.
  • August: The "Unite the Right" rally, and you know what, at this point I'm just going to link the Wikipedia Page, because this timeline is not the point of this post.

What is the point of this post, Rowan?

Good question, glad you asked.

I don't exactly have a large following at the moment (at last count, Google Analytics had my visitors at a staggering 1), and writing these posts every week has so far been an exercise in void-shouting. But I cannot deny that this is a public platform, that I have a voice, and that people who come across my blog will unfortunately often be more likely to give credence to the words that I type just because I happen to be apparently white.

So instead of more of me blathering on about a situation that affects other people far more than it does me (although it does affect me, it affects us all), here are some other people you should listen to. Remember that time I said that I wished listening was cool? Let's pretend it is. Let's go listen.

I'm thinking I'll try to keep adding blogs to pay attention to in each of my posts from here on out, if I'm able.