Things I've Googled Recently

Every so often I think about my search history and wonder what the algorithms make of me.

Here are some things I've looked for recently:

  • Winter fruit--my understanding that it's mostly citrus has been upheld.
  • Hollow core doors--barely a step above a curtain across an archway, but might hold heat in better.
  • ngram--this service, you guys. This service. I love this service. I get lost in this service. It can tell you when words have been used in print. So. Cool. Also: what happened to "fake" in the 1820s? Why did it drop out of favor?
  • Alfred Watkins--this guy apparently coined the term "ley lines," but he was not all about the magical implications. He just thought they were a cool thought. Then some dude paired the concept with Atlantis, and suddenly you have modern fantasy.
  • parduotuvÄ—--have any of you played that geoguessing game? You learn stuff, like the word for "shop" in Lithuanian.
  • Greek number associated with death--I haven't been able to find one, not really. Anyone? Does Greek culture have triskaidekaphobia? Hang on, isn't that word Greek? Let me go look at ngram...

Honestly, this week's searches were pretty tame. As I get further into my novel, I'll no doubt have some questions about bank fraud, the best way to start a revolution, what an excess of nitrogen does to alkaline soil, and probably also the effects of super-hot plasmic flame.

Writing is fun.