Time to Fall in Love!

It's hard to think of things to write about sometimes, you know? For a blog post? For an audience of...who are you guys, anyway? Who knows?

But hey, the New York Times had an article a while back that laid out 36 questions to ask to fall in love. With anyone, I guess. I read through them, and while they're all kind of awkward to ask just anyone (hey, so, um, this is weird, but what's your worst memory?), I thought they might make decent blog post jump-off points. I can't spend every post reacting to recent news, or this would be a very very very bitter place indeed.

So this is Question 1. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

Luckily, they didn't limit me to just one.

Are we having dinner at my house? Because it sounds like we're having dinner at my house. This is someone I'm inviting into my space, right, we're not going out for burritos somewhere?

That being the case, they must be OK with toddler toys everywhere. Because there are toddler toys. Everywhere.

Also, that means I have to provide the dinner. So it can't be someone I'm too worried about impressing, or I'll have a miserable time.

The Dalai Lama probably has dietary restrictions, right? ...turns out no, he doesn't.

Maybe the Dalai Lama. I'd love to have a individual chat with him about how he handles day-to-day petty grievances. Or Matthieu Riccard, who is vegetarian, and has been called the happiest man on earth. Oh my stars, he has a blog.

Is time a concern? Do I have to pick someone currently living? How about my father's mother, who I think I would have a great time with over dinner now that I'm an ever-so-slightly-less-self-absorbed adult with a kid. I wish I could talk with her about what her experiences with parenting were, what choices she found herself faced with, why she made the ones she did. She used to let me steal grapes out of the bowl as she was washing them. I would "hide" them in my cheeks. I thought I was so sneaky. She loved history. She wrote papers about it.

If time isn't a concern, let's move to the future. Can I invite my kid over for dinner? Sit down with the version who's the age I am now? Ask these 36 questions, yes, even the one about the maternal relationship?

That would probably be deeply uncomfortable for everyone involved, but you can't tell me it wouldn't be fascinating.

Or you, really. The person currently reading these words. I'd like to have dinner with you, probably. Get to know you. What do you do? What's your story? Why do you believe the things you believe?