1/52 - Goals

Do you guys do New Year's Resolutions?

I don't. I understand the attraction of starting with a clean slate, though, and this year I have goals, rather than resolutions.

Here are my writing goals for 2018:

  • 52 blog posts
  • 3 short stories
  • 2 novels (This isn't as impressive as it sounds. At least one of the short stories is from one of the novels, and both novels are already started.)
  • 100 rejections

I got the idea for that last one from Ralph Walker when he posted on Twitter about his progress last year. It really struck a chord for me every time he mentioned it.

Anybody here spend any time in 4-H? I don't remember much about my years there, but I do remember that one year I built a dollhouse for the fair. A friend of the family helped me out: showed me how to blunt a nail before pounding it in so the wood wouldn't split, taught me the old "measure twice, cut once" motto, and also said, "when you're planning out a project, plan time for mistakes. They're going to happen. If you plan for them, they're not setbacks, they're signposts."

Rethinking rejections that way seems like a great idea. They're not signs you're on the wrong track. They're signs you're moving. They're indications you're doing something.

We went ice skating with our Little Brother yesterday, and I told him he could count his falls if he wanted to. Get up to a hundred.

I don't think he saw the point, but it's always helpful for me to get the reminder.

Mistakes aren't setbacks.

They're signposts.